Paraclete and the Role of your Attorney

Recently I heard someone reference the varying translations of the ancient greek term, Paraclete. The word comes from paracletos (para-alongside:kalein-to call). It struck me how much this word embodies what I believe to be an Attorney's aspirations. I was fortunate to have gone to law school with many, many passionate aspiring and now practicing attorneys. I am married to an incredibly passionate and dedicated attorney who embodies the word, paraclete. I'd like to think I meet these standards, so let's take a look.

Paraclete is commonly translated as advocate, counselor, helper, or comforter. These words individually may not bear significant weight, but together, they describe a profession full of individuals in a position to do a lot of good in the world.

The Models Rules of Professional Conduct by the American Bar Association, and adopted in similar form by most states, have ten sections. Two of these sections are titled, "Advocate" and "Counselor". This is not a coincidence. Attorneys from the beginning are taught to be advocates for, and counselors to, their clients. But the job also includes helper and comforter. We help to make hard decisions and comfort through the tough times. It can be 'uncomfortable' to think of an attorney as a comforter. It feels like it crosses the 'professional' line. It doe not. I believe there is nothing more professional than being available for your client as an advocate, counselor, helper, and comforter.

Hiring an attorney is more than a business transaction, it should be an investment that enhances your business and your family.

Senges Law Firm, PLLC takes seriously the responsibility of practicing law and is daily striving to be the example in the Greensboro community.

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