Defense Defense Defense: The need for Fractional Legal Services to protect your bottom line

With football (pre)season upon us I am getting back into my NFL speak and it permeates other areas of life. [Disclaimer: I bleed Green and am darn proud of it!] This time of year I become a first rate fantasy football analyst as I prepare to pick my team (which will likely have a losing record and leave me lamenting all of the "injuries" that caused me to lose by 200 points because, of course, the 7th string running back from the Philadelphia Eagles was going to be a breakout star if it weren't for turf toe).

As all football fans know, the offense is the exciting and flashy part we all talk about (Carson Wentz IS an MVP candidate) but come December everyone starts saying "Defense wins Championships". And Defense does win championships. You can have a Drew Brees like offense that puts up a million points but it does not always mean a win (New Orleans lost week 1 last year 40-48!).

Business is very similar. All business have their sales team (offense) putting up big numbers on that top line. But a lot can happen on the spreadsheet before the number small business owners care about, the bottom line. And every small business needs a defense to protect the bottom line.

Having a fractional general counsel is one of the best defenses you can put on the field to protect you. Waiting to call an attorney until after something goes wrong is like having to ask Aaron Rodgers to keep throwing those Hail Mary passes. Yes, an attorney can come in and eek out a W for you, but why put your business through that stress? My favorite Eagles game ever was the NFC championship game against the Vikings, no stress, easy victory. Your business should be the same way.

A Fractional General Counsel can help you choose a legal structure, create partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, contract review, and many other items that arise in the normal course of business.

Subscription legal services (or fractional General Counsel) is ensuring you are prepared for what may come at you and handling it before it happens. Having legal advice BEFORE a contract is signed is the best way to make sure you do not need a lawyer later.

Senges Law Firm offers subscription legal services in Greensboro and the Triad area for small businesses so we can be with business owners on every play making sure it goes right. This is Defense Law at its best.

For more information call Jason Senges at 336-252-8878 to talk about General Counsel for Entrepreneurs (or the Eagles!).

This is Lincoln. Named after Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

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